Bank vs. Mortgage Broker


Traditionally, those looking to get into the housing market have simply gone to the bank for their mortgage needs, but you now have more options at your disposal with the growing presence of mortgage brokers. Independent mortgage brokers are licensed mortgage specialists who have access to multiple lenders and mortgage rates. We essentially negotiate the lowest rate for YOU & WE WORK FOR YOU & ONLY YOU! Because we have access to high quantities of mortgage products, we mortgage brokers can pass volume discounts & amazing rates directly onto the mortgage shopper. I’m not saying the old way is bad, but using a broker will get you the best. The bank very well may me able to offer you a lower rate, please guard against this & speak to a broker like me. Lower doesn’t always mean better & many of these “hot rates” often come with some fairly tough “fine print” & remember , banks can only access and offer you their own rates/products. They will regularly give discounts on their posted mortgage rates; however, you are responsible for this negotiation.  If you are the type of person that likes options, affordability & flexibility,  give me shout & let me do the shopping for you.