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5 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Mortgages

The big “secret” about mortgages, from the lender’s point of view, is that it’s all about competition and risk. Competition limits what a bank can charge because borrowers will look for the best deal. But competition is tempered by risk. People with good credit scores – evidence that they habitually pay their bills on time – are better risks than people who don’t, no matter the reasons, so they usually get better rates.

Whatever your situation, here are some things you may not know – but need to – when getting a mortgage. Be sure to keep them in mind.

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Banks Don’t Provide Proper Pre-qualifications, Mortgage Brokers Do

Mortgage tip of the week & food for thought for those who are considering house hunting…

First time home buyer should confirm their eligibility to purchase through a mortgage pre-approval in conjunction with their real estate agent. Mortgage Brokers ensure FTHB’s are pre-approved prior to searching for property so a budget is established and a pre-approval rate hold is tied down. If the client is already working with a realtor, that realtor can rest assured that the client is motivated, and looking in their appropriate price range. It saves all 3 parties involved a lot of time, and headache. A mortgage broker can be considered more valuable in this regard, as banks do not provide proper pre-qualifications based on a full application or review of documents, leaving less room for error.

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Kelowna Mortgage Broker

As Kelowna mortgage brokers go, if you are living in or moving to Kelowna and in need of a mortgage, just like choosing the right real estate agent you will often be better off working with a mortgage broker who is experienced in and really knows the Kelowna area. Finding a mortgage broker who knows the Kelowna area AND really knows mortgages can be a little difficult. Dave Lytton gives you knowledgeable, personalized service and always works with your best interest at heart.

  • A Kelowna Mortgage Broker with experience has connections others may not
  • Mortgage Brokers new to Kelowna may not know local people, places, terms and landmarks
  • A Kelowna Mortgage Broker is available to you, locally, when you need them, which is far more convenient
  • An experienced local mortgage broker knows the local financing options
  • A local mortgage broker knows about limited time or exclusive programs only available locally

If you or someone you know is currently in need of a mortgage broker in Kelowna now or in the future, let’s talk. Give me a call today at 250-862-6630, email me at info@thatmortgageman.com or contact me through this website right now. You can also share this information to your preferred social network using the appropriate links below. Remember, even if I don’t ultimately end up being your mortgage broker, I will gladly answer questions and help however I can. I stand firmly by my motto, “My highest interest is you.”

mortgage broker kelowna
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