Tired of your local rental market?

11407279_1599081857013927_4284585288058845517_n                 Done with this?

I was recently sent a really lovely “thank you” card from family of four that I really care about 🙂 The card was to say a simple thanks for helping them into their first house. It had been 1 year since they moved in and their excitement was still buzzing. I must say it made my day & the joy that first time home buyers have is truly contagious! Their deal was not (what we call in the biz) a “slam dunk”…… They didn’t really have much for a down payment, hardly any credit history the other fairly poor. The only asset they had was their car & decent paying jobs, they were just like any normal family with two kids, just working to pay the rent. Even with all my years of experience I knew I had my work cut out for me. All I knew as a certainty, was that they were truly tired of paying 1600 bucks a month in rent and THIS was my drive!!!! So off to work I went, mortgage rates are good right now & our market is strong, if you feel the same… simply fed up with paying high rents give me a call , just like this family, you may be more mortgage ready than you think!

Dave – That Mortgage Man 🙂

PS they now only pay 1350 and they are in their own home!

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